Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Autumn with Rosegal

Do not rejoice in the cold days? Screw up in the upcoming fashion season and change your mind! Jackets of vibrant colors, leather pieces, XXL sweaters, new forms, beads, fur, unusual prints and much more will make you eagerly await rain and snow ... Rosegal offers you a lot more, just search their store and find the most modern things for the autumn of 2017.  Do not miss the incredible Rosegal Autumn 2017 Promotion. Use Coupon: RosegalChen for Big Coupon 10%-20% OFF.

Cyclamen, purple, yellow - the crazier, the better - the coats is perfectly combined with leather pants or romantic dresses. What are you waiting for? Wake up your imagination.

Warm cold autumn and winter days! Fur or woolen coat is a great choice if you are looking for a coat replacement. You can wear it along with all the garments and guarantee a romantic and striking look.

Sharp, pearls, embroidery or print, sweater is an indispensable piece. Wear it with cigarette pants or tight skirts.

This color is absolute hit! It loves all the skin tones, so do not worry - whether you are bright paths or dark spots, you will find your blue shade. The chunks in this unavoidable color will best fit with neutral tones.

Zaful Autumn 2017

Autumn is at the front door and Zaful offers you a huge selection of fashion combinations in the autumn of 2017.

Another trend that was a big hit this year, the sneakers will become even more popular next year. From sports models to those with jewels or leopard prints, lace, these sports shoes will surely complement your outfit. Shoes in colors and with applications will be hit.

This trend is always present and unmistakable, but in 2017 the concept of simple elegance will go into a little unexplored water. Namely, the emphasis will be on combining a piece of clothing with an inspired sports wardrobe. We will enjoy sports elegance!

Women have become more focused on comfort and convenience, and will prefer to invest in shoes that are stylishly attractive and comfortable enough to spend a day without being overwhelmed. This is exactly why demand for shoes with small platforms and heels.

Stripe are among the leading trends for several seasons, and this will not change in the near future. In the wardrobe you must have at least one piece of clothing that is on the strip, if you do not have in your wardrobe, look for Zaful and find your favorite dress with a stripe print.

Zaful Autumn 2017 Promotion is a great offer to rebuild your ward this fall without spending a lot of money. They offer great discounts Big Coupon 10% -20% OFF. Use Coupon: ZafulChen
This wonderful online store follows the latest trends, so you will always be fashionably dressed with her stuff, they offer a huge selection of clothes, shoes, bags ... 
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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

ROSEGAL Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses with a floral print will be one of the hits in the fall. Maxi dresses with floral prints are often associated with summer festivals, however, they are ideal for the first autumn days and look phenomenal in combination with bomber jackets, warm sweaters, half boots and sneakers. In fact, it's hard to find something more comfortable than a feminine long dress. Also you can combine floral dresses with high heel boots, and if the temperature allows it, you can wear them with ballet trousers. 
Rosegal offers you a huge selection of beautiful maxi dresses. Their dresses are very modern, made of high quality materials. So you will feel very comfortable and relaxed in them. Their dresses are designed in the latest fashion, the styles are different, as are the colors and prints. 

For more dress, look here.
These are just some of the dresses that this wonderful online store offers, there are many more models, patterns, colors, prints ... Rosegal offers you many more items at affordable prices, such as shoes, bags, jewelry ... So you can immediately combine your favorite maxi dress with Rosegal shoes, sandals, a bag ...

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Two Piece Prom Dresses

Monday, 4 September 2017


In today's post, I want to introduce you to the online store ZAFUL. They surprised me with a beautiful and very high quality male sweatshirt, which delighted my husband. Sweatshirt is a very nice and pleasant material, ideal for carrying with jeans and trainers. The material is so good that when the washing is not collected and does not change the shape.
They also surprised me with a gray female sweatshirt, which is ideal for all seasons. The material is ideal, high quality and full of elastin. It can also be combined with jeans and trainers, as well as sneakers and boots. 
The third thing I got from this wonderful online store is black leggings. The material is full of elastics, and are therefore very comfortable to carry. The material is such that you can combine these leggings with sports clothes, but also with a little more elegant. They are great for everyday wear, but also for training because they absorb sweat super.

ZAFUL is an online store that offers you a large selection of women's clothes, from quality materials, as well as a large selection of shoes, bags... at very affordable prices. You can also find men's things, jackets, jeans, blouses ... They are very popular, and their men's and women's collections are designed according to the latest fashion. With this online store you can be dressed in the latest fashion without having to spend a lot of money.

This beautiful socks are also from this online store. They are very soft and ideal for winter days.
Zaful Summer 2017 Pr omotion
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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Beautiful Curatin from Rosegal

Hello my dears,
You are already familiar with the online store ROSEGAL, you know it's a store that offers you everything, everything you need it. They have a huge collection of women's and men's clothes, as well as shoes, various and very modern bags, jewelry, makeup, and various items for decorating your home ...  
I decided to decorate my home with their very modern curtains. You can see below in the pictures that these curtains are palomino colors. The fuller material, which is very strong and difficult, is very high quality. These curtains are available in various colors and sizes. I decided for this color, because I liked more, and it fitted me with the leftovers in my living room. They can be combined with other curtains of long material, can only be draperies. They are perfectly refuse the light and sun rays, and the room is not in the dark. The material is without elastics, which allows the curtains to stand nicely and not to crumple. It's very easy to mount, at the top of the curtain there are circles that are made of metal, it's only necessary to get into the rod. It is easy to pull, left and right, and curtain are can not damaged.

This beautiful t-shirt is also from the same store. It is very light and pleasant material. It can be combined with various dress combinations, with jeans, shorts, skirts ... Quality is great, this is L size, but you can choose another. They offer many more nice t-shirts at affordable prices, visit and find your favorite.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Amazing leggings from DRESSLILY

 leggings are always in fashion!
Torn, colorful, monochrome, they are always current. Sheer leggings are an indispensable part of the outfit to many ladies. Ladies opt for them because of their comfort and a wide range of combinations, but also the opportunities in which they can wear them. Dresslily online store offers you a huge selection of  leggings, They are very high quality, comfortable to wear and models and designs are in the last fashion. In their models you will feel safe in your appearance, attractive without having to spend a lot of money.

If your body is not taut, select one-color pieces (black, dark) that will, as much as possible, draw you visually.

If you go on a training then you are allowed to combine the leggings with the sneakers. Otherwise, you prefer to choose casual shoes, such as ballet trousers, boots or flat sandals.

These are just some of their models. Whether you like a sporty combination or more elegant, they have models for everyone's style and taste. On this great online store you can find many more stuff t-shirts, jackets, shoes ... So you can combine your favorite  leggings with modern t-shirts, shirts, shoes ... and all at affordable prices.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Prom mini dress From Zaful

While some girls go to the seamstresses and seek sewing dresses to their extent and the vision they have, as well as avoiding choosing the same dress with another girl. Other girls choose a slightly easier way and look for their clothes in boutiques, while a third group of girls look for their dress for the prom on the internet. It's an easy way to buy, but also the cheapest. Zaful is an online store that has a huge selection of prom mini dress. Their dresses are very high quality and designed in the latest fashion. In their dresses you will look very modern, elegant, seductive, and will be very satisfied with your appearance. Their dresses are made of different materials, you can find them in various colors and designs, as well as different models for the all style and taste.
Whatever dress you choose will be happy because their quality is guaranteed, and you do not have to spend the whole fortune to look beautiful at your prom evening.
Here are some dresses of my choice, but if I miss your style, explore this online store and find your favorite.

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