Thursday, 29 January 2015

Beautiful lace tops and handbags of PinkBasis :-)

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fashion blogfashion blog

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As you can see my ladies, I decided today to introduce you to lace tops that offers Pinkbasis.
I think every woman should have in her closet at least one lace shirt, dress, blouse or even with lace detail. If you have any unscheduled special event, and you have nothing to dress appropriately for the event, then a lace top, shirt, blouse can help you to look beautiful and attractive. Lace shirts, blouses ... you can combine it with a variety of skirts, pants, tights ...
Pinkbasis offers a wonderful selection of lace items, please visit and see for yourself.

place for ladyplace for ladyplace for lady

place for lady
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In addition to beautiful clothes and shoes, Pinkbasis offers a very trendy bags and wallets.
They offer dozens of well crafted handbags in different designs and colors for speacial occasions as well as for your everyday style. 
They offer you a beautiful handbags made of high quality material and at very affordable prices.
Enjoy in shopping my ladies!

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Valentine's Day :-) Amiclubwear :-)

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fashion clothesfashion clothes
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Hi my ladies!

We all know valentines day is close and February 14th is  a day for giving gifts. Traditionally, men give chocolates or their wives or girlfriends. 
Valentines day is a romantic day, the day when a woman or girl wants to look beautiful, so most ladies are waiting agog for that lovely day.
As you can see I decided to red dresses, sort of Valentine's Day is reminiscent of the color red.
These beautiful red dresses offers AmiclubwearYou can choose a dress with beautiful lace or zircons, or beautiful detail. Select your size and color, the appropriate length and look sexy. Dresses are made of beautiful and of high quality material, and perhaps most importantly today prices are affordable for all.
To complete the look choose a some heels that offers Amiclubwear.
I again chose the color red, but Amiclubwear offers a large selection of high heels in the beautiful colors.
fashion shoesfashion shoes

fashion shoes

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Also I want to  share with you some cool  handbags from their offer. There are
 some really good designs to match any style and what's most important they all come very cheap. Take a look and tell me your favorites.
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fashion blog

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Maxi Dresses and Beautiful Shoes Of Pinkbasis :-)

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fashion dressesfashion dresses

fashion dressesfashion blog

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Hello my girls!
Pinkbasis is a new online store, offering a wide selection of women clothes, shoes, jewelery ...
I've decided to introduce you to maxi dresses for special occasions. This four models it's for my taste, but they offer much, much more beautiful long dresses and also they offer beautiful sexy dresses, casual dresses... 
Whatever event you have, Pinkbasis has an array of dresses to choose from. You'll be surprised with their amazing designs and price tags too. From sleeveless to one shoulder dress, you’ll find just what you want to be the style star at any event!

fashion shoes

fashion blogfashion blogfashion shoes

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When buying shoes for special event, you don't have to look elsewhere. You can find your perfect shoes on Pinkbasis.  There are many styles of evening footwear,including platform pumps, peep to shoes, wedges and much more. And they come in any color you can imagine. 
Visit this wonderful online store and see for yourself.
Enjoy in shopping!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Beautiful tights from Amiclubwear :-)

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fashion blogfashion blog

fashion blogfashion blog

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Hello my dear!
As you can see, this time I present to you tights, beautiful Amiclubwear tights. This beautiful online store offers you a beautiful, sexy and crazy tights. If you need tights for a wild night then this is the right place for you, I'm sure you find some tights for you, It can be leggings with lace, or torn tights, or perhaps a colorful tights, striped or with floral detail. You'll definitely look gorgeous and you will be comfortable because the tights are made of high quality material.
If you love to jogging or you train some sport and you need tights for training then you Amiclubwear offers an excellent selection of sports tights. 

fashion shoesfashion shoesfashion shoes

fashion shoes

Amiclubwear also offers a huge selection of shoes,this is what you see is a small part of what they offer. I'm sure you can combine some of the wonderful shoes with beautiful tights, that offers this wonderful oline shop
I can assure you that their shoes from excellent materials and very good quality, very comfortable.
Enjoy shopping, and I hope you'll find something for your taste!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy Valentine's Day FECBEK

Hello my dear friends!

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. 
Fecbek offers you a beautiful gift, such as the beautiful dresses for your dear wife or girlfriend, or perhaps a beautiful sweater in pink or red color, or maybe a nice bag or scarf ...
Fecbek also offers wonderful things for the boys, beautiful sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, pants ...
But if you try, you can also get free item to surprise your beloved, here's what you offer Fecbek:
fashion blog

How to win free item(s)

Free order is a form of promotion that customers win the items on the website for free, absolutely different from the forms of beneficial promotion, coupon and vouchers.

Games for free order

(Activity Time: 12th.Jan.2015 to 14th.Feb.2015)
If you place an order on during activity time, you will have the chance to get your order for free as the following requirements.


  • 1. Follow us on to be fans.
  • 2. After you place an order on, please post it on your Facebook through one of the following ways to participate this campaign:
    • 1)Share both your shopping experience and the screenshot of order details.
    • 2)Share your romantic story on Valentine's Day , attaching photos of lovers or friends.
    • 3)Share anything else about Fecbek.
    Attention: There must be links about our Facebook and website on your posts.
  • 3. Mail screenshot of the posts to
  • 4. After we confirm the posts, we will transfer the cash back to you by PayPal .
Come on and join us! It's time to show your beauty and love.
What we share together is not only the beautiful apparels, but also your passion in life.

【Prizes Arrangement】

We will select some active lucky guys to win below Prize.
  • 1. 1st Prize: 3 Persons/Get the order for FREE
  • 2. 2nd Prize: 5 Persons/$30 Gift card
  • 3. 3rd Prize: 10 Persons/$20 Gift card
  • 4. 4th Prize: 20 Persons/$10 Gift card
Sweet reminder: There will be 3 free orders for the most creative customers.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes will be selected randomly.
The above incentives would be only used in activity time. reserves the right of final explanation.
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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Sexy Dresses Oh La La! Amicludwear :-)

fashion dressesfashion dressesfashion dressesfashion dresses
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 Hello my girls!

 Today I also want to present you Amiclubwear. This is my personal choice, what you see above is something I'd like to have. But I believe that you share the same opinion.:-D 
Amiclubwear is a wonderful resource for pulling the perfect dress for any event, sexy dresses, prom dresses... Whatever event you have, Amicludwear has an array of dresses to choose from.
Choosing the right dress for prom,for night party,special event, doesn't have to be a hard task and you don't have to spend a fortune to create a fabulous look. You do not have to worry about the delivery and payment, because I guarantee that it is safe.

fashion shoesfashion shoes
fashion shoesfashion shoes

                                         More here

Of course with every dress, go nice shoes
As you can see they come in different colors, materials and heel heights so there's something for everyone's taste and pocket too cause they come at 
more than affordable prices.
And to complete your look, you can choose something of jewelry. They offer beautiful necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, with beautiful detail.
Here are my favorites:
fashion blogfashion blog

fashion blogfashion blog

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Fecbek Jeans :-)

fashion jeansfashion jeans

fashion jeansfashion jeans

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Hello my dears!

I know that every woman has at least one pair of jeans in your closet, I have more and I love jeans!
These are my new jeans from FECBAK, as you can see in the pictures. I can tell you that I am delighted, I am thrilled with the quality and are very comfortable. Visit FECBAK and make sure to have beautiful things, not only jeans, you cand find dresses, shirts, jackets ... I'm sure you're gonna find something in  your style.
I can guarantee fast and safe delivery.
They also offer men's clothing, such as jackets, blouses, t-shirts ...
So if you want to surprise your boyfriend or husband, or brother, you can order something for him and I believe that he will delight.

fashion clothesfashion clothes

fashion clothes