Tuesday, 30 June 2015

PinkBasis cheap watches for women :-)

                              See more here http://www.pinkbasis.com/accessories-watches.html

Why spend extra seconds (even a minute) looking for your phone in a bag in which there is usually a variety of things, when you can easily spend one second and look at his watch! Regardless of the great love and dependence on our phones, watches have become more than a tool that shows the correct time. They became phenomenal detail in the grand style, a way of stylizing outfit, to give sophistication of our hands ...
They are a perfect mix of top quality watches, jewelry and art.
These beautiful watches can be found at PINKBASIS.
They offer a wide variety of women's watches, in various colors, with floral details, zircons... And most importantly the price is very affordable for every pocket.

This detail is otherwise increasingly chosen as an ornament, and many ladies him and instead wear bracelets. The trends are small, large and medium-sized models, designed silicone or leather with dials of various sizes. So dominant bulky models that resemble men's watches, as well as those more sophisticated, ideal for ladies who prefer elegance and glamor.

Up to you to decide what watches you want, select your style, in that can help PINKBASIS.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Kissmiss Bandage dresses :-)

Hi girls, 
I discovered a new store and I want to share with you. 
Today I want to take you to an online fashion store called Kissmiss.co.uk to check out their beautiful dresses section. 
I want to introduce you to their sexy bandage dresses.

Bandage dresses are more often mentioned by us ... do you like? Some ladies love this dress because in them the impression that they are thinner, and I think that's true.
Has anyone had the privilege to possess them? For me they are fantastic and I think I'll definitely buy  one for myrself ... are specific and beautiful. To hear your opinions!
These dresses are usually short and very tight to the body, hence the name of the bandage. This dress will be the right choice for summer evenings spent at the club or at a party with friends. Choose bright colors, to distinguish themselves from the crowd. Pair with high heels for even more sexy look dial those with cleavage or only on one shoulder.

This wonderful online store offers a huge selection of these lovely dresses. A variety of models, with a large V expression, or perhaps a top ...Great choice of colors is available, and the material is exelent, I think you know that. They will enable you to look ravishing, attractive and all eyes will be fixed on you.

If you really want to stand out of the crowd and look chic and unique than 
opt for a their some bandage dress in bright colors, or add some shine and shimmer to your party look. 
Enjoy in shopping!

Monday, 22 June 2015

My stuff from Amiclubwear

Hello my girls,
Today I present to you something that I have received from AMIClubwear.
I got a beautiful beige and brown top and sweet black sweater, who great stand with jeans, leggings, a denim skirt and shorts... The material is lightweight, perfect for hot weather. These black pants that you see in the pictures are also of AMIClubwer. Excellent materials, great stand with heels, boots, sandals...  White sandals on me, as you can see, are so comfortable, and you must say that are cute.

Everything is from http://www.amiclubwear.com/

Also I get the great black sunglasses with flowers details.
This gorgeous blue wedges and blue top are so fashionable. I am delighted with material, it's so light and comfortable. 
And  for the end, my first beautiful eyelashes.

It is wonderful to work with AMIClubvear.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

My favorite online store - AMICLUBWEAR -

Hi dear,
In this post I show you some items that I'd like to have in my closet. They are all choose from the AMIClubwear. This amazing online store has a lot of items: women's clothes, bags, shoes, accessories...  Let's start with my favorite! Look some beautiful jumpsuits, jumpsuits for summer, amazing and cute, just like these:

And now there are the AMIClubwear  accessories! They have a beautiful earrings, necklace, rings, headband, scarves, belts... They have everything you need to be modern, to be all eyes fixed on you on some party.
Here are some interesting earrings, my favorites.

                         More earrings see here http://www.amiclubwear.com/earrings.html

                                                          Enjoy with AMIClubwear!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Amazing Swimwear - AMIclubwear -

To be on the beach felt and looked better, choose the swimsuit that will hide your flaws and highlight quality.
You do not need to be lean and taut like a supermodel to shine on the beach. It is enough to choose the cut and design swimsuits that will hide your tummy, visually increase or decrease your body.With a choice of swimming, carefully select and fashion accessories such as hats, caftan, sunglasses, jewelry. It is important that the swimsuit stylish agrees with other fashion accessories, but is far more important is the selection of swimsuits.
Everything of this things offer to you AMIclubwear.
Here's what offer this amazing online store.

For more beautiful swimsuits see here http://www.amiclubwear.com/swimsuit.html

Here are some beautiful detail with your favorite swimsuit.

More wonderful beach hats  see here http://www.amiclubwear.com/hat.html

Here are some beautiful necklace that you can combine with your favorite swimsuit.

 More sweet necklaces see here http://www.amiclubwear.com/necklace.html

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Cheap Heels - SHOESPIE-

                                         Find more here http://www.shoespie.com/C/Cheap-Heels-104569/

Hi dolls,
You have to admit that these cheap heels heavenly! Beautiful lace, amazing zircons and affordable strap up heels. This beautiful heels can be found at Shoespie. They offer a wide selection of heels for cheap. They are made in detail and designed with a lot of details and each heels is special in its own way. This amazing online store is the right place for you if you want to look glamorous. 

Comfort above all! To shoes were comfortable, must be made of a excellent material. Shoespie follows fashion trend, femininity and offers a wide range of colors but primarily offers comfort and quality heels.
If you want to be unique, super modern, seductive... Then, with this amazing online store you are always in great gain. 

Of course, it does not hurt to look at the remaining models from their collections that are equally attractive and wearable ...

Specifically, what will absolutely delight is the fact that the decorations on them seem perfectly and look great on any foot.

For girls who love the challenge of perfect heels with big chains and red tinsel fifth will be a big hit because it will be fixed on them in everything eyes. 

But we must not forget the beautiful funky black shoes with pink, and white shoes adorned with crystals, which are perfect for the wedding.
All these offers Shoespie and you'll make a good choice if you choose them and you will be satisfied.

Enjoy in shopping! Enjoy with http://www.shoespie.com/ 

Monday, 8 June 2015

Make your all work easy and simple with USGo.Buy

What do you do with your post while you are on the road is often a hard dilemma for winnable nomads. The best news is that Australia post officers a free post Restante service with a bit of planning and luck things can work out. If you do not know anyone to forward your post to, you can re-direct your mail from your old address to an expert mail forwarding service like USGo.Buy http://www.usgobuy.com/en/us-online-shops/uggaustralia.html. The mail forwarding service commonly charges a registration fee and surcharge over and above general postage costs. The agency will get your letters and can then send them on to your to c/o nay post office in Australia. You can get the items at the post office by presenting then identification such as passport or drivers license. usgo_buy http://www.usgobuy.com/en/us-online-shops/staples.html make your all work easy and simple.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Beautiful Wedges :-) PINKBASIS


PINKBASIS  is one of the leading suppliers of all kind of clothing, bags, jewelry.... Also you can find cheap heels online like decorate plain black stilletto, as well as boots, sandals, flats, etc. Today I want to introduce you to just their beautiful shoes.
 If you're looking for shoes for some special occasion, you are at the right spot. Or if you looking for comfortable and casual shoes for everyday? They have it all. From elegant and refined to casual and sporty. Today I want to share with you about their amazing collection of wedges.
My favorite:

For more beautiful wedges see here http://www.pinkbasis.com/shoes-wedges.html

I so adore wedges! Do you like wedges? How would you combine them, with which clothes?
As I said, PINKBASIS has a vast collection of clothes, so explore and find matching shoes with appropriate dress, skirt ...
Or maybe something like this!?