Friday, 30 December 2016

Beach wedding dresses from

The sound waves instead of a wedding march, soft sand instead of carpet that leads to the registrar, salty air and wind instead of air conditioning - there are many advantages of the wedding ceremony on the beach.
Having defined location - soft sand near the sea, or a romantic beach wedding at a nearby lake - it's time to move on to the selection of dresses.
Look for a dress of the lightest fabric that will be nice to blink in the wind and will not hinder you as you move. The decor should be minimal and again, light dresses for the beach should not be a lot of pressure, so choose a light, uncluttered dress with details of fine lace or ruffles.
Pleasant, light and comfortable wedding dresses for the wedding can be found at Amodabridal. Lightweight fabrics, refined decor and comfortable cuts- basic characteristics of the perfect wedding dress for warm weather conditions. These dresses can be found in this beautiful store at reasonable prices. They have quite a wide range of beautiful and simple Beach Wedding Dresses Australia, made of high quality materials and many types of wedding dresses are available on their store, medium or short wedding dresses, they got them all covered in various styles. Made of lace, organza, tulle or satin,with stunning details like beads, sequins and crystals. Any style you prefer there are numerous dress designs to choose from. 
Thanks to this store every girl can look like a princess on your wedding day without spending a fortune. 

Elegant Embroidery Scoop Floor-Length Zipper-Up Sleeveless Wedding Dress

This is my favorite dress, because I adore lace. But there is much, much  more model and I'm sure you'll find the dress of your dreams. Do not miss the Beach Wedding Dresses Online Sale, and hurry up and grab your favorite dress for your big day.
Two Piece Prom Dresses

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Women’s Oxfords From FSJ Shoes

Shoes and sandals with high heels simply can not resist. But the truth is that these shoes can be uncomfortable. So I present to you most comfortable shoes that you can wear all day. These are, and you've probably heard of them, the most famous Women’s Oxfords shoes. If you want to feel good and comfortable in his shoes, you should definitely choose Oxford shoes. You can wear them with almost all the clothing pieces and anywhere. Can be an excellent addition to your office clothes or everyday clothes, and they can look great with jeans and skirt. Girls around the world are obsessed with them. You can find them in a variety of styles, colors and patterns, so you will not have problems to find the right pair, and complete your look.
I suggest you to visit the excellent online store that offers a wide selection of these shoes, and that is FSJ Shoes. This shop offers you sо quality shoes from excellent materials, from high-quality leather. They offer you a huge choice of models and different colors. Their shoes are very popular and they are much sought, certainly you will not wrong if you choose shoes from their collection.
See some models, and tell me your opinion.

For these shoes say the most elegant and ideal for all occasions. But FSJ Shoes also offers you many more models next oxford shoes in their offer you can find high-heeled shoes, sandals, boots ...
Visit their store and surprise yourself with good and quality shoes, that you wear for many years.

Also you can view their Brogues collection.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Womens Beautiful Dresses From Fashionmia

Whether you want to look sexy, feminine or casual, women's dresses have always been an excellent choice. Whatever the current fashion trends, the classic little black dress will never make a mistake. For the summer period dial flowing dresses, with floral accents in various colors. If you want to look elegant and sophisticated then a long dress is good choices. But the good dresses depends on good material, good quality. 
Therefore, today I present to you a great online store that offers a wide selection of women's shift dresses. They are  specialized for selling cheap dresses, formal shift dress and dresses for all kinds of special occasions. When it comes to Dresses for Women  they are offering a wide range of dress designs in latest styles, made of high quality materials.  You'll find a huge range of  breathtakingly beautiful, romantic, feminine and elegant and cute dresses.  A-line, Mermaid/trumpet dresses, vintage dresses, empire dresses, ball gowns, a-line... they have all them available in variety of choices. Whatever event you have, they have an array of dresses to choose from. No matter what the occasion, this store will satisfy all of your needs. 
See some and tell me your opinion.

Feminine dresses with a flower print. Ideal for all occasions. 

If you choose the color of love, then this model is perfect for you!

This dress will "present" you as a seductress and demure girl.It is perfect for stylish celebrations in the restaurant, and dancing until the early hours at the nightclub.

This dress is ideal for business meetings, but also with matching jewelry and seductive high heels can also be very seductive and attractive.

These dresses are inevitable when it comes to cold days. Dresses are made of warm materials, are very comfortable, and they quickly become a favorite piece of clothing girls around the world.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Pants for all occasions -STYLEWE-

This is the eternal question that gives women a great torment. Shopping should be a relaxation, funny and relaxing. However, this pursuit of the perfect appearance for the ladies present to a difficult task, respectively, often not even they themselves do not know how to choose the appropriate model of pants to cover up their shortcomings. To make your purchase  interesting and enjoyment, not torture and stress, I suggest you to visit the wonderful online store and save time but also money. It is StyleWe, who offer to you online collections of pants for all tastes, all styles. Their pants are unique, you will not find similar on elsewhere. The materials are carefully chosen how would, you ladies, felt comfortable while wearing them. There are different models, different colors and sizes. Just visit their store and find your favorite pants.
Check out some, and tell me your opinion.

These pants are great for girls who love the sport, running ... They are very soft and comfortable. But they can also be very elegant if you combine them with some seductive boots or shoes.

Colorful pants can be worn with anything, if you know how to wear it. Be bold and relax in a cheerful combination.

Wide pants are the piece that you'll love because it will get you all the attention you are seeking.

Pants-skirt are very popular among women. They can also be classical or elegant, and can be combined with a variety of shirts, tunics ...

Many interesting models can be found at StyleWe online store. In addition to pants, they offer you a unique and beautiful shirts, shirts, jackets, coats ... Everything you need to look like a lady of style can be found at StyleWe.

Please see the blog post about how to dress like a skater

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Jumpsuits from

From elegant to sports types, jumpsuits are an excellent choice for those women who want to always look trendy and elegant. It is also excellent for those women who do not like to wear skirts or dresses. 
The selection of jumpsuits in stores is large - can be found sports, monochrome and colorful, with lace, glitter, elegant ... expensive, cheap. It is this diversity makes them practical and wearable in almost all occasions. brings you super cool jumpsuits, for all occasions, for all types of women. Their jumpsuits offer comfort and freedom, could also cover all your flaws and discover your beauty. There are different models, quality materials, their jumpsuits suit everyone, regardless of their body shape. 
Although they became popular last year, jumpsuits were still in the top of the trends, especially for the summer season. But there are also jumpsuits for cooler days, and these are models of plump materials that offers to you this wonderful online store. 

Whichever model and color combination suits you decide it is sure that you will enjoy and easily wear this trendy and comfortable piece of clothing. Here's my proposal.

This model is ideal for ladies with style. Ideal for business meetings and for festive events.

For those who want to be different, special, simply have to choose the jumpsuit interesting design.

Everyone has a different concept of elegance, some thoughts on femininity, some on simplicity, and some a bit on the conservative cuts. This jumpsuit is all this and much more! Simple, feminine, attractive ....

Looking for something special for the evening party? Jumpsuits will bring you refreshment you seek. If you choose silk, satin, lace  or some other shiny materials with shimmering threads, you will get an evening of elegance which will not remain unnoticed in a place where you will appear.

These are just a few that offers With or without sleeves, detected back, narrow or expand, with narrower trousers or bell, the choice is huge, so you will not be difficult to find a model for you.
Be fast and choose the most beautiful models for you.

Feel free to visit their Instagram profile, you can see the amazing designs from their stores.
Click here Our Instagram

Amazing designer tops from StyleWe

Tops are part of the wardrobe designed for the fairer sex. They are very practical, because you can bring in almost every occasions. In a beautiful, elegant blouse is appropriate to go to work, a business meeting or lunch, but also on an afternoon coffee with friends. 
Feminine, chiffon, silk, cotton, tulle ... with a collar, ruffles, bow, V neckline, these blouses can be found at StyleWeThis shop is very popular and offers a wide selection of designer tops
The materials used for making tops are very carefully selected, high-quality and comfortable to wear, designed in the latest fashion. 

These beautiful and very modern tops you can buy at an affordable price on StyleWe. This very popular online store offers you a wonderful selection of tops, thick or thin, single color or colorful .... Quality is guaranteed, they are very pleasant to wear. They can be combined with jeans, pants, suits, or with skirts ...
Here are just some of my favorite designs,  perfect for everyday style, when going shopping, or in stroll.

These models are ideal for business combinations, refresh your picture and then you look strictly and elegantly time. So, this blouse should be in every girls wardrobe.

Shirts and blouses that have spread are very modern and wearable on all occasions. This is a comfortable piece of clothing that is suitable for day and relaxed combination but also for evening out and sleeker look.

Classic never loses its charm! These are models that look sophisticated, elegant and classy. material is crucial when it comes to this model.

My favorite! Unavoidable lace, always in fashion, you can combine with any other piece of clothing. Perfect!
StyleWe is a worldwide online fashion clothing seller. On their website you can find numerous designs in all kinds of trendy clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories. So, all a  girl needs in one place! If you're looking for new, unique and fresh items than you're at the right place! This online store where you can find beautiful fashion clothes at more than affordable prices.

Please see their beautiful blog post learn Gorgeous Gray Hairstyles at StyleWe blog. Coming up the most beautiful holiday, so maybe find a suitable hairstyle.

Ladies leather wallets from Farbod Barsum


Leather wallets are definitely the most elegant and longest existing wallets. Of course, their appearance and functionality depend on the quality of the skin, precision craftsmanship,       imaginative designer ... Given that you carry in your wallet is not only money, but also documents, cards, photos of loved ones, business cards, it is best to make your leather wallet be really strong and good quality. The ladies in the blood worshiping accessories. In addition they must have good shoes and a better bag, are true fan of leather wallets.
Production of leather wallet is something Farbod Barsum can offer truly exceptional quality. Given that their activity is the production of leather goods, all leather products have pretty good prices, because of that sells wallets done at great conditions. There are men's wallets classic or modern design and sophisticated women's wallets, which will delight all ladies who aspire to elegance. 
Women's leather wallets what to wear this season are long, large and very elegant. Ladies alligator skin walet is very popular among women, especially because of the quality but also because of its modern look. Although the black wallet unsurpassed, in their collection you can choose a more cheerful color like red, blue, orange .... 
These wallets it's so roomy and organized, are designed so that you can keep everything in it, 12 slots for credit carts, space for coins with zipper.

In addition to beautiful wallets, this amazing online store offers you much more. Farbod Barsum has a large selection of exotic accessories.  Beautiful men's leather belts in various colors, wallets for passports for women and men, key chains in cheerful colors that you can combine with a wallet, belt ... Their entire collection is modern designed, the leather is precisely selected, durable and resistant to abrasion and you will be satisfied with the quality. 
Farbod Barsum the right place if you want to surprise yourself with quality wallets, belts ... or perhaps to make happy your loved ones with a beautiful gift such as leather keychain, wallet ...


Monday, 5 December 2016

Plus Size Wedding Dresses From

Every bride has a right to shine on their big day, she was skinny or plump girl! Plump girls and thin have struggle with choosing the right dress that will highlight their beauty and hide flaws. is enabled a large selection of beautiful wedding dresses for fuller ladies. Their wedding dresses are made on the latest fashion, made of high quality materials and with beautiful accessories like lace, zircon ...
See some amazing plus size wedding dresses.

Monday, 28 November 2016 - Flower Girl Dresses -

What do you think your friends replace "little bridesmaids' ?! Do you want to adhere to dress, throw rose petals or maybe just to make them pretty photos? Whatever you choose you will not go wrong, as they will be sure to brighten up your celebration.
They must also be nice and sweet dressed to resemble the little princesses. I suggest you to visit They have a beautiful Flower Girl Dresses, are made of very soft and high quality materials in a variety of colors in addition to white, with beautiful details like lace, zircon ....

These are my favorite. What do you think?

Makeup with NurBesten

Hi, again. It's me, Milica Miletic. Today I want to share with you my impressions of the beautiful brushes that I have found to Nur Besten. This time I took a set of four brushes for eyes, a brush for powder and most beautiful pink organizer.

First I want to tell you about synthetic flat orange brush that I used for applying my eyeshadow base. Off course , you can use it for concealer, or anything you like.

Second brush is fluffy, pink and perfect for applying eyeshadow all over lid, which I did. If you are not conformable use such a big brush for eyeshadows, you can use it for contouring, for example.

Next brush is my favorite, is for blending eyeshadows. This amazing purple brush excellent is doing his job and it is very soft.

This brush is purple, too, but this one is for eyeliner. It is not only beautiful, but it's so good for work.

Is not from this set, but this brush deserves attention. It si big brush with small handle. It is the softest brush I ever had and perfectly placed powder.

 I  finally, my favorite subject: Pink organizer with pink bow. perfect for girls. I love it so much and think I'll take another one.