Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Gearbest - My Stuff -

As you may have noticed you, when I order something from my favorite online stores in most cases I choose sports and casual variant. Today I will introduce you to wonderful online store Gearbest. What attracted me to them, is that they have everything, just everything you need. With them you can find amazing clothes, jewelry, LED Lights & Flashlights, Consumer Electronics, Home & Garden... and most importantly it's all at a very affordable price.

What I got from them are blue pants from very pleasant material and with a lot of elastin.They can be worn with sneakers (like me in the picture), with sandals, shoes ... can be sporting but also elegant.
Another thing I did get is gray shirt. I chose the gray, because gray colors, in my opinion, can be combined with all other colors. T-Shirt of beautiful materials and very easy to wear. Excellent standing with these blue pants.
I also got a very good sweatshirt, navy blue and white stripes on. It was completely my scene, I love stripers and I love sweatshirt. So I'm thrilled with sweaters, I am thrilled with whole package.
Thank you Gearbest for a wonderful clothes!

Yoga Pants http://goo.gl/cjqkUV
Tank Top  http://goo.gl/Xi5YhS
Sweatshirt http://goo.gl/nB4dtK


Like every month, and this time I present to you ALICLUBWEAR. You all know that AMI is my favorite store, and I got a bunch of stuff from them (I hope to in the future and I still receive). 
This month I got a tracksuit and a red sweatshirt. Tracksuits is dark gray with black accents on the pockets and waist, from very good material is also very comfortable to wear. Red sweatshirt made of very light material, and as you can see, great standing with this grey tracksuit, although do not come in pairs. I have to mention that this black shirt, I wear, also from AMI. I got a shirt this a year and a half from AMI, and I must tell you that it is completely same like the first day. Not faded, not gathered, did not spread, but I wear it almost every day.

Maybe you not like my style, and you do not like my choice, but do not worry AMI follow all styles and I'm sure you can find something for you or your loved ones. And all at very affordable prices.

I forgot to mention that the sneakers also gift from AMI.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Aloe vera drink - Okyalo.com -

Today, in the new post I want to introduce you to something new, different. I want to introduce you super refreshing drinks from Okyalo.com
Okeyalo is specializes in high quality aloe drinks. They are the best beverage manufacturer and exporter, they are supplying premium quality beverages to the world market, with the most competive price. Their brand aloe vera drinks have distributors in more than 30 countries. They choose quality in the first place, so that their aloe comes from their farm. all of their aloe drinks are using fresh aloe pulps and gel directly from our aloe farm, you will find our drinks more fresh and natural, without any aloe powder, only healthy. They also have more to offer: aloe vera, coconut drinks, tea drinks, friut juice. 

We know that aloe has always been known as the "elixir of longevity". Because of its nutritional value and medicinal properties known as the "queen of herbs". A large part of the healing properties of aloe, which many refer to as "medicine for all" makes its nutritional value, which has a very favorable manner, except that keeps the cells of the human body, and it seems that they are functioning properly, enables and encourages the immune system to better recognize foreign objects and harmful matter and expel it from the body. When the cell is healthy, it is resistant and able to perform all the functions that nature has given. There is no person that aloe can help in some way.

Super tasty Original Aloe Drink 
Our refreshing, Okyalo Aloe Vera Water Beverages contains premium REAL aloe vera pulp and FRESH aloe vera gel. 100% natural... NO preservatives.

Fresh Pineapple Aloe Gel Drink
Okyalo aloe vera drink with pineapple flavor is Made of fresh aloe vera pulps and gel, No any powder, No Preservatives, no GMO, no artificial flavor and no artifical coloring. It conbine the best pineapple flavor with aloe vera, What’s more, it only contain 5g sugar/100ml, keep your body fit and healthy.

Just Drink Aloe Vera Juice With Lychee Flavor
The aloe vera plants used in our drinks go straight from the plantation to the factory, therefore is as fresh as possible, and NO preservatives.

Live healthy with Okyalo!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Cute Agnesgown Dresses

When you have planned some special events and are looking for inspiration on the Internet, social networks are unrivaled your 'best friend'. He will provide an inexhaustible source of ideas for prom dresses, ball dresses, accessories, jewelry... everything you need for your special event. 
Whether it is a wedding, yours or maybe your best friend, or perhaps another special event that is important to you, I will facilitate and present a wonderful online store that offers a wide selection of dresses. It is an online store called Agnesgown. They are specialized in selling different kinds of special occasion dresses at super affordable prices. 

I'd like to introduce you to their collection of  quinceanera dressesbeautiful and very polpular dresses.

Trends and patterns are changing, sometimes it's a shade or color preferred, but the choice of these dresses should be approached with much more attention than when purchasing clothing for less formal occasions.
To be in such a dress girl feel like a princess, according to fashion experts, it is necessary to reach the ankles and shoulders exposed.

Materials for these dresses are high quality and expensive, and eariler only women from rich families could have this dresses. But today you can have this Cute Quinceanera Dresses in your closet, thanks to the this wonderful store, without spending a your fortune. The decision is yours, and I am sure that you will look like a princess, whatever dress to choose from this amazing online store.

These short dresses are very popular with young girls, especially when comes prom night. This store has a large assortment of beautiful short dama dresses in different styles, materials and color options. With straps or strapless, with long sleeves, one shoulder or open back dresses it's up to you. All their dresses are up to date, following the latest trends and are made of high quality materials such as lace, chiffon, tulle, sateen etc. 

Vistit Agnesgown, and find the dress of your dream.

Two Piece Prom Dresses