Saturday, 25 February 2017

SUNUV Nail Lamp

Nails. We like to see them tidy. We not love to see them ragged, broken and messy. Many will agree that nails show how women take care of themselves. We know that all of this takes a lot of time, but if you want beautiful nails - takes some sacrifice or simply order a Led or UV lamp for nails with They have a large selection of lamps, they are very good quality and the prices are affordable.
Differ from the traditional nail lamp, it is 2-in-1 UV/LED nail lamp, which can cure all gels, including UV gels, LED gels, hard gels and so on.
 It is 2X fater than the traditional nail lamp, very easy to use and will save much your time.
It has the moden looks.
Here are some that I have chosen for you.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Beautiful dresses from FASHION MIA

Even girls who like to wear jeans every day, will surely agree that the dresses necessity for any wardrobe.
However, these timeless garments come in so many styles and designs, to choose perfect dress, can be a very challenging task.
I will facilitate you and I'm going to present to you amazing online store FashionMia. This great online store offers a wide selection of dresses and at reasonable prices. Their dresses are made of high quality materials, you can find them in various colors, sizes, models ...
Here are some of the dress of my choice, visit here for more Women's Dresses.

The little black dress is probably the most famous of all the dresses. It is a classic of all time, and it comes in different styles, so that every woman can choose the one that best suits to her.

The same applies as for a black dress, red dress was created for a woman to stand out in a crowd. This dress will definitely cause views and admiration. After all, the lady in red can not pass unnoticed by men. Without a doubt, every woman should possess a red dress.

Lace has long been considered a luxury fabric, because it is only the rich people can afford. However, today is no longer so. The dress of white lace, each woman feel more feminine and elegant. Such dresses are just perfect for parties or any social event. Combine it with the fashion accessories either black, brown, and will look beautiful.

For those evening events when you want to look fashionable and sexy, feel free to put on a cocktail dress. It is more comfortable and more practical than the dress to the floor. In addition, such a gown does not restrict or hinder when dancing. Thus, the cocktail dress is the perfect choice for the club.

Maybe you rarely wear evening dress to the floor, but surely you have a desire to have one of these in your closet for special occasions. You can wear a dress like that in any formal event, such as weddings, celebrations or official reception.

These are just some of their dresses, You can find many more cheap women dresses, and in general cheap clothing to meet your everyday style and taste in fashion. In addition to dresses, they offer a lot more, skirts, blouses, jackets ...
Visit this great online store and find something for yourself or for your loved ones.

Do not forget to visit here for more women's bodycon dresses

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Sexy Prom Dresses From Millybridal UK

Your prom night is a time when you deserve to look and feel like a princess! It's your night and it should be great!
Think about what you want. Are you looking for a once-in-a-lifetime fairytale gown? Or do you want something classic that you could wear again as a special occasion dress, perhaps with different accessories? Is your style sleek and tailored, or more lace and ruffles? As you shop for prom dresses, start with an idea of what you'd like but keep an open mind. 
My suggestion is to visit Millybridal UK. It is an online store that specializes in selling prom dresses, cocktail dresses ... They have a great selection of Sexy Prom Dresses in various colors, various models... All their dresses designs are made of high quality materials but come at more than affordable prices.  There's something for everyone's taste in fashion. Made of lace, organza, tulle, satin, etc. it's all your choice.
Anyway, no matter what personal your style is, whether you like girly, elegant, simple or edgy clothes there's a perfect dress waiting for you on their website. Visit them today and find a dress of your dreams for your big day, or better say night - prom night.
Here are some of my favorites. If you browse through their store you'll find many more gorgeous designs that will make you the center of attention on your prom night.

 You'll find numerous pretty dresses for prom very cheap. Any style you need they have them all covered! A-line, Empire, Mermaid, and many more, with sleeves or sleeveless, with straps or strapless, one shoulder, open back... the choice is only yours. Whatever your personal style and taste is, there's a perfect dress waiting for you.

Looking amazing on casino night out

That beauty and happiness can go hand-in hand, it has been proven a long time ago. This of course applies to more beautiful half, the ladies. They are the ones that evoke happiness and give a special charm of the casino.
Casino is for someone with a just free time, or challenge, or maybe lucky, but for the ladies to the fashion stage. When it comes to fashion, the casino is allowed everything.  It is important to make a good impression, but to look seductive and glamorous.
If you ever wanted to visit the famous Las Vegas, renowned major resort city known primarily for its gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and nightlife.

Here are some suggestions.

Short dress with sequins in different colors, with that perfectly go black pumps. Detail of a black letter-bag, jewelry absent, a make-up and hairstyle simplicity is imperative.

It’s also important to be comfortable if you plan on playing the various games around the casino hall. Pencil skirts with a high waist and camisoles or blouses tucked in can also look sharp and pretty if you don’t feel like wearing a dress.

Long red dress, high heels and a small bag are another real hit to go to the casino. This dress will leave a seductive and glamorous impression. At the same time, be serious but relaxed.

But if you are more for home variant, then it is the right place for you is M88 online. Playing casino from the comfort of your sofa requires quite different attire, you do not need to worry about the appearance, just relax and play your favorite game.
If you're a famous poker player, transfer their knowledge to the internet and play against the world. We offer many types of Video Poker games, among which you will surely find one that you like the most.
Pull the handle of happiness, lean back and win real money with online slot machines. Choose games with Hollywood motifs, or other offering big gains.
If you really want to demonstrate the real casino tables, they are here to help you. Connect the players and the dealers right across the live casino. The rules are the same as in other casino games.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Short Prom Dresses Millybridal UK

Celebrating graduation is one of the most joyful event in the life of schoolchildren, a selection of the most beautiful prom dresses is challenge for all girls. Euphoria is always there when you go shopping or you can save time and find your dress on the popular online store Millybridal UK. This shop has a large selection of dresses when it comes to a graduation party.
Picking the perfect prom dress now can be easy task. Simply choose the color, material, length, model, and visit this beautiful store and you are sure to find the ideal dress.  
Take a look at their Short Prom Dresses collection. A-line, Princess, Ball gown, Sheath or Trumpet/Mermaid it's totally up to you. Off-the shoulder, one shoulder, Scoop, Sweetheart, Strapless, Long sleeve prom dresses, etc. there are many options to check out. Visit Aisle Millybridal UK  today, check out their uk prom dresses collection and maybe get a some super discount.
I'm sure you'll find a dress of your dreams, and here are some of my choice..

No matter what the occasion, this store will satisfy all of your needs. This online store  will definitely help you create a dazzling look. Following the latest trends in fashion,is their specialty.
They have huge selecton of  prom dresses,  in every color and style, from high quality material, with beautiful details like lace, zircons... Choosing the right dress for prom doesn't have to be a hard task and you don't have to spend a fortune to create a fabulous look. Short, strapless,long, or with long sleeves or one-shoulder prom dresses, made of silk, satin or lace they have it all and with nice details. 
The choice is only yours!
Do not worry about the payment and delivery, because it is very simple and safe.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Long Prom Dresses UK Millybridal UK

Celebrating prom night is one of the most joyful event in the life of schoolchildren, a selection of the most beautiful prom dresses task for all girls who finish high school. All the girls want to look like a diva, glamorous and be the center of attention. 
I suggest that you look at the popular online store that offers a wonderful selection of prom dresses. Millybridal UK  offers a great selection of prom dresses, which are very modern but also quality. 
This time I decided to introduce you to their Long Prom Dresses UK. Wanting to shine and win the full attention of all, it is enough to select one of their dresses and you are going to accomplish the goal.
All their dresses designs are following the latest trends at the market, they are made of high quality materials but come at more than affordable prices.
Here's a look at some of their dresses, and tell me your opinion.

Ballroom dresses in gentle color are the most popular when it comes prom. This dress can wear at prom and feel for one and feel like a princess. With this dress, jewelry and makeup should be minimal. 

Excellent green dress that you can wear to prom or on other special occasions. Can be combined with a variety of jewelry and you will feel very attractive.

Prom dresses with rhinestones for those ladies who like shiny, and in which you will feel like a queen.

Choosing the right dress for prom doesn't have to be a hard task and you don't have to spend 
a fortune to create a fabulous look.
Long with short or  long sleeves or one-shoulder prom dresses, made of silk, satin or lace they have it all. They are all special in their own way.
If you ask me, lace has never looked so lovely!
Just choose the dress in your style with stunning details like beading or sequins that lend all the sophistication you want and you will look amazing.If you are a regular visitor, you may be able to grab  some of reductions.
The unique dress there is waiting for you. You will surely stand out of the crowd. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Foundation Sponge - Nur Besten -

Hi, today I have wonderful thing we'll talk about. 
I am going to talk about sponge for applying liquid foundation and concealer. This sponge is soft, be careful when you use it and always use it wet.

This sponge is easy to handle and especially is good to use if you're not a professional. Sponge gives the face a natural look and you can not overdo it with liquid foundation because it takes the excess product. It is important to be washed after each use and do not put liquid foundation directly on a sponge.

If you like this sponge, you can order on This shop has much more to offer, beautiful stuff for make up, all things for nails, jewelry, clothes .... And all this at very affordable prices, and what is most important delivery is free.

Amazing brushes from NUR BESTEN

Hello dolls,
It's me,again, Milica Miletic. In today's post I also want to introduce you to wonderful online store NurBesten. They surprised me again and sent me a delightful package.
Another wonderful gift from this online store and this is wonderful two sets of brushes.

If you want a perfect make up look, you need this set. The set contains 15 brushes, 1 for liquid foundation, 2 for eyebrow, the others are for perfectly applying eyeshadow.

This is also set of 12 brushes, that can help you to bring to perfection your make up.
The first two brushes are straight and one is for eyebrow and the other I used to apply a eyeshadow base.

Next brush is soft, big and good for set eyeshadow base.

 In this set you can find 3 beautiful brushes for blending eyeshadow.

One is big, other is small and third is the smallest, which is great for darker colors.

Brush which is great for cut crease is brush pen. This brush is precise and easy to use.

Set contains two soft, but flat brushes . This brushes are good for applying eyeshadows over the entire eyelid.

Very similar brushes are also two brushes from this set, but this one are not so flat and we can use them for blending and for applying eyeshadows, too.

It is left just one brush and this brush is for eyeliner.

I hope you enjoyed!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Born Pretty Gel Polish

Every woman wants to have a strong and beautiful nails.  Yet, hands are one of the most beautiful trump every woman and should be beautiful, soft with a tidy nails. However, many women still think that should be given a lot of money on valuable products or treatments that sometimes have no effect. The most important thing that nails are healthy and well painted, do not have to be long, short nails can also look feminine and beautiful.
Also, many women avoid using usual nail polish, because their durability is short. Thus I present to you a long-lasting gel nail polish. It is BornPretty UV Gel from The use of gel nail polish is relatively simple. It is applied by simple brush strokes to properly prepared nail plate.  Gel nail polish very easily merges with the surface of the natural nail and therefore prevents cracking, scrolling or peeling paint on nails. Professional applied gel polish will last up to 15-20 days. For those 15-20 days nails do not change the shape and color of paint remains constant as the first day.
In this store you can find a large selection of gel polish, in various colors, with glitter ... They also have on offer a variety of nail stickers, ribbons, tinsel, nail file...

Let your nails are beautiful with