Friday, 9 November 2018

Winter fashion with Luvyle

The autumn / winter fashion season of 2018 will definitely not be boring! Various trends will be very current and some of you will definitely want to try it out. You will definitely be in the trend if you wear a midi skirt, knit womens cardigans, pieces that contain spears and / or shingles, and many others. After all, we have saved in the gallery the examples for all fashion trends that will be very popular for the upcoming season, in order to inspire you and help you to be modern. 

Whether it's woolen, knitted or cotton, all materials are considered. You can wear it casually, and just below the blouse, or if you want to put a belt around your waist, it will look nice. Cardigan is your best friend at any time, but when the weather is unpredictable, or there are big fluctuations between extreme temperatures, it's your friend for life, and especially for the winter.

The choice is great. Modern, warm and comfortable cardigans can also be a great replacement for a coat or jacket, and if you combine them with narrow jeans and trendy deep boots, you will look more than modern.

In addition to the jeans in all shapes and leather trousers, this year you have to find places in your closet and trousers in various colors. The monotonous look and monochrome styling are common during colder days, but why not substitute such a look with cheerful clothes and make our mood feel like this during the dark days? Choose a pair of pants in your favorite color and be noticed all day.

Cute bottoms have a lot to offer, various colors are available, models are different, sizes, styles for all tastes. 

Hurry and grab the most beautiful!

These models are very popular. Wide pants are equally good with flat soles, as well as with boots or salons on a high-heel. You can wear them for a short jacket, if it's a combination for the office or a nice long coat for evening out.